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Event DistrictDate
Punakha Festival Punakha11/03/2014
Paro FestivalParo11/04/2014
Ura FestivalBumthang10/05/2014
Thimphu FestivalThimphu 03/10/2014
Jambaylhakang FestivalBumthang06/11/2014

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Thimphu, Bhutan.

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LOCATION:Bhutan is sandwiched between two larger countries: People's Republic of China on the north and northwest and the Republic of India on the south, southwest, and east. The Kingdom of Nepal to the west, the People's Republic of Bangladesh to the south, and the Union of Myanmar to the southeast are other close neighbours.

Bhutan lies between 88° 45' and 92°10' longitude east and 26°40' and 28°15 ' north covering total area of 38,398 sq kilometers, approximately the size of Switzerland.

ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE The Himalayas dominate the north of the country, where mountain peaks can easily reach 7,000 metres and such mountains remains covered by snow forever. Beautiful high mountain peaks, breath taking waterfalls and fascinating valleys covered with green nature can be found all over the country. One will rarely find plain areas.

Physically, Bhutan can be divided into three zones: Alpine Zone (4000m and above) with no forest cover; the Temperate Zone (2000 to 4000m) with conifer or broadleaf forests; and the Subtropical Zone (150m to 2000m) with Tropical or Subtropical vegetation. Ensuing from its wide range of altitude and climate, compounded by its 72 percent forest cover, the flora and fauna of Bhutan is diverse and rich.Forest types in Bhutan are Fir Forests, Mixed Conifer Forest, Blue Pine Forest, Chirpine Forest, Broadleaf mixed with Conifer, Upland Hardwood Forest, Lowland Hardwood Forest, and Tropical Lowland Forests. Almost 60% of the plant species that is found in the eastern Himalayan region can be found in Bhutan as well.

Different part of country experiences different type of climate. Climate also changes with change in season. Extreme north of the country remains cold throughout the year with heavy snow fall in the winter. Southern Bhutan experience warm weather in the winter and summer will be little hot with temperature ranging from 25 degree to 35 degree. Weather in the capital, Thimphu will be adorable in summer with bright sunshine. It sometimes experiences rainfall but not that heavy. Thimphu sometimes gets snow fall in the winter which people enjoys a lot. Government offices and schools remains closed on the first day of snowfall . Thimphu will be little cold in winter.

Four seasons of Bhutan are as follows:

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